Christmas wine and food matching

The traditional hot Christmas has been eroded somewhat over the years in favour of the seafood extravaganza. It is doubtful that the fish symbol representing Jesus and Christianity has much to do with it. It’s more to do with a hot climate and perhaps a desire to be close to the water, if only vicariously … Continue reading

The Salt Of The Earth

This Christmas I received several food hampers.  The fact that I’m wasting away to a block of flats and will be eligible for my own post code seemed to elude my gift-giving friends.  The common denominator in each hamper was designer salt. Granted, you could hardly give someone a pack of common, garden-variety salt as … Continue reading

Cross Your Legs Here Come Those Christmas Aphrodisiacs

The Aussie Christmas seafood extravaganza probably has a lot to do with the spawning of Virgo and Libran children. Nine months prior to these September births a festive feed of oysters, prawns, fish, beer, wine, salad and more may well have been the clandestine erotic catalysts to parenthood. Oysters – well we all know about … Continue reading