Satiating hungry readers

Food blogs are an increasing trend in the online media space. At last count, there were 101 food bloggers in Sydney alone with the national list at least twice that. Therefore, it is no surprise that last week, the biennial Australian Food Media Awards announced a new category for this year’s awards – an award … Continue reading

Kraft Cadbury bid all of a Twitter

In the same vein that there’s a joke circulating within minutes of the occurrence of a major event, Twitter will signal the demeanour of the population in half that time, certainly in the food-fancying Twitterverse. Last time I looked, the Kraft takeover bid for Cadbury had been declared “derisory” by the purple wrapped British company … Continue reading

Cuisine NOW ….right NOW

What do the late US actor George Peppard and Aussie supremo chef Tony Bilson have in common?  They both “love it when a plan comes together”. Peppard coined the phrase in TV’s The A Team while Bilson would be gleefully muttering it now that his culinary coup of assembling an A Team of international chefs … Continue reading

Rabbit in the hat…and the pot

I have always been impressed by New Zealand’s canny invention of names when marketing food products. There was the tamarillo that had previously been the tree tomato, the Chinese gooseberry that became the Kiwi fruit and the New Zealand White (rabbit)… a large bunny bred for the plate. We are not talking the Killer Rabbit … Continue reading

Christmas wine and food matching

The traditional hot Christmas has been eroded somewhat over the years in favour of the seafood extravaganza. It is doubtful that the fish symbol representing Jesus and Christianity has much to do with it. It’s more to do with a hot climate and perhaps a desire to be close to the water, if only vicariously … Continue reading

Who moved the cheese?

How many countless tales of ecstatic cheese consumption have you been regaled with by friends returning from Europe? Australia and New Zealand are the only countries on the planet that don’t – can’t – make raw milk cheese…but maybe that is about to change. If you were told of an organisation seeking approval for: “the … Continue reading

Musical bottles

Products named after celebrities aren’t unusual. There’s generally a logical relationship between the celeb, their claim to fame and the product. And as a rule, particularly if they are fast moving consumer goods, those brands are short lived. Who could forget… or maybe remember Mullos breakfast cereal named after legendary radio genius Doug Mulray or … Continue reading

Culinary capers

Why we grow water thirsty crops like rice and cotton in this wide brown land – the second driest continent in the world – is beyond me. With rivers that have been reduced to veritable trickles and water tables that have been severely compromised, pursuing soggy agricultural opportunities is unthinking bravado. Even growing edible bamboo … Continue reading

The blessings of tea

Tea has romantically ….or grotesquely …been called Bodhidharma’s eyelids. The description arrived from the legend of the fifth century Buddhist monk who fell asleep during seven years of mediation and was so ashamed when he awoke that he cut off his eyelids and where they fell, the first tea plants grew. Old Bodhi would be … Continue reading

Saving Australia’s bacon

Mentioning Matt Preston and Homer Simpson in the same breath may seem like a bizarre non-sequitur. But having heard Matt pontificate from the semi recumbent couch position on TV’s Good News Week, there’s a delicious porcine thread of brotherhood there. But while Mr Cravat-A-Licious insists that the most essential item in a fridge should be … Continue reading