Kitty on a plate

Regular readers of Digestive Tract would know I don’t shrink from the more unusual culinary offerings that the world has to offer. Sheep’s testicle…tick, pig’s testicles …tick, brains, sweetbreads, calf’s head, rattle snake, witchetty grubs, bogong moths …had them all and love them all. But there are some things I’d have to give due consideration … Continue reading

Asparagus stink

In the 1994 movie Wolf, Jack Nicholson deliberately irrigates the suede shoes of his poisonous colleague played by James Spader at a shared urinal. He responds to Spader’s objection with: “Just marking my territory” and emphatically adds: “Asparagus!” Most of the audience chuckled… others didn’t get it. Lucky them! You gotta love asparagus for polarising … Continue reading

Cooking With Balls

When  ‘Balls: the all-round cook book‘ by Aussie food divas Lyndey Milan and Loukie Werle was first published, some people thought it was a pretty provocative title for a recipe book. Move over girls. ‘The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls’ has a tad more bounce and certainly more testosterone. And so it should.  This has … Continue reading

Yaks Milk Is Pink And Hippos Sweat Blood

I love a good myth or bent fact and the smoke and mirrors that surround food is often pretty bizarre. Let’s stay with the red end of the spectrum – and red food colouring. A recent survey found that 76% of respondents believed that red food colouring made children hyperactive akin to an infuriated Juan … Continue reading

Putting Crap In Your Mouth

If you do a Google search on Coogee and icecream you’ll get a Google map of “Local business results for icecream near Coogee NSW” and a menufeast web listing for “Ice Cream Restaurants in Coogee Sydney – Eastern Suburbs.”