(Drone) Pie In The Sky

Whether it is pizzas from heaven or burrito bombers there is a very clear and present likelihood of takeaway food deliveries taking to suburban air space by drones before you can say: ‘Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun’.

Awards give an inside taste of Aussie food world

Celebrating the passion and talent that shape public conception of food and wine, the Australian Association of Food Professionals (AAFP) announced the winners of the biennial Australian Food Media Awards on the evening of 28 October at Sydney’s Doltone House. They are the only awards to carry a significant cash prize and since their inauguration in 1995, … Continue reading

Food Oscars Glittering Prizes

Almost every industry has an awards scheme. In Australia we see ARIAs and Walkleys and a host of institutional awards plus magazine driven ones. In the food industry there are a few that come and go, or morph according to sponsor commitment, availability and the vagaries of magazine mastheads as well as fly by night … Continue reading

Repelling the porcine invasion

George Orwell’s Animal Farm inmates mantra: “four legs good two legs bad” has poignant relevance this week. It’s Bacon Week. And it’s all because Aussie pork producers are finding it tough getting their leg in, so to speak, in the domestic ham and bacon stakes. Some 70 per cent of bacon sold in this country … Continue reading

Rules for eating and the business of food

“Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food” pretty well sums up the thinking of Michael Pollan’s 64 simple food rules in his latest book, ‘Food Rules’, an eaters manual. The first rule is to simply ‘eat food’ – that’s food, rather than ‘edible food like substances’ or ‘industrial novelties’, as Pollan calls the … Continue reading

Kraft Cadbury bid all of a Twitter

In the same vein that there’s a joke circulating within minutes of the occurrence of a major event, Twitter will signal the demeanour of the population in half that time, certainly in the food-fancying Twitterverse. Last time I looked, the Kraft takeover bid for Cadbury had been declared “derisory” by the purple wrapped British company … Continue reading

The indisputable Queen of the foodies

The Libran star sign which seems to breed food professionals celebrated the Queen Libran foodie’s 85th birthday last week. Margaret Fulton OAM – Australia’s living national treasure – kicked her small but perfectly formed heels up in The Strangers dining room in Sydney’s Parliament House with some 230 colleagues, friends, family and admirers. The woman … Continue reading

Nouveau eating disorder

Just when you thought you’d heard enough of eating disorders along comes a new one. But this one has a very different twist – dare I say, almost a healthy twist. We have anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, body image disorders and food phobias that begin slowly and then gradually grow to the point … Continue reading

Budgeting for the Best

Retail therapy has always been a good antidote for the blues. Mr Rudd was clearly sympathetic to that notion with his cash stimulus package. And if the budget has metaphorically put the boot-in there’s good gastronomic news for those who wallow and drown their sorrows. Last month the food world was all of a twitter … Continue reading

No ifs…no buts! No bees – no crops!

Well I’ve had a B day…not that there’s anything particularly unusual about that but spare a thought for New Zealand next month – they are going to have a Bee WEEK! Fair enough, the bee industry world wide has had a B of a time in recent times what with drought and diseases reducing their … Continue reading