Beyond The Fillet

Fergus Henderson was back in Australia last week lording over Nose to Tail dining. Nose to Tail eating is a phrase that has become synonymous with the British chef of London’s St John restaurant. Think Fergus – think Nose to Tail – and you just have to think of the noble and versatile pig from … Continue reading

Repelling the porcine invasion

George Orwell’s Animal Farm inmates mantra: “four legs good two legs bad” has poignant relevance this week. It’s Bacon Week. And it’s all because Aussie pork producers are finding it tough getting their leg in, so to speak, in the domestic ham and bacon stakes. Some 70 per cent of bacon sold in this country … Continue reading

Mad cow panic

Mad Cow (BSE, CJD) has been responsible for the deaths of 166 people in Britain and 44 elsewhere – and the bright sparks in Canberra have declared it’s okay to import beef products from countries that have reported CJD. For the record that is most countries in Europe and North America. Some years ago I … Continue reading

Rabbit in the hat…and the pot

I have always been impressed by New Zealand’s canny invention of names when marketing food products. There was the tamarillo that had previously been the tree tomato, the Chinese gooseberry that became the Kiwi fruit and the New Zealand White (rabbit)… a large bunny bred for the plate. We are not talking the Killer Rabbit … Continue reading

Saving Australia’s bacon

Mentioning Matt Preston and Homer Simpson in the same breath may seem like a bizarre non-sequitur. But having heard Matt pontificate from the semi recumbent couch position on TV’s Good News Week, there’s a delicious porcine thread of brotherhood there. But while Mr Cravat-A-Licious insists that the most essential item in a fridge should be … Continue reading

Nose to tail eating

In the past few months we have had a flurry of restaurant guide launches and their inherent awards with Australian Gourmet Traveller’s national guide, The Age Good Food Guide and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide…Best Chef, Best Restaurant, Best New, Best Old…gain a hat…lose a hat. There was the usual barrage of back … Continue reading

Vegetables have feelings too

When vegetarians and vegans get a rush of sap and waggle their fingers accusingly at those in our community who like to consume meat I remember an experiment that emerged from the pages of Dr Lyall Watson’s book: Supernature. I’m a bit hazy on the exact details, having read it when it was published in … Continue reading

Kitty on a plate

Regular readers of Digestive Tract would know I don’t shrink from the more unusual culinary offerings that the world has to offer. Sheep’s testicle…tick, pig’s testicles …tick, brains, sweetbreads, calf’s head, rattle snake, witchetty grubs, bogong moths …had them all and love them all. But there are some things I’d have to give due consideration … Continue reading

Cooking With Balls

When  ‘Balls: the all-round cook book‘ by Aussie food divas Lyndey Milan and Loukie Werle was first published, some people thought it was a pretty provocative title for a recipe book. Move over girls. ‘The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls’ has a tad more bounce and certainly more testosterone. And so it should.  This has … Continue reading

Why Say Nay To Perfectly Good Food?

I do find it odd that people get weird about what they eat.  There was a huge furore in the UK a year or so ago when Gordon “F**king” Ramsay announced that he would be putting horsemeat on his menu. Why?  Homo sapiens have been eating horse since they climbed down from the trees.  In … Continue reading