Valentines Day Mastication

While chocolate is a shoe-in for a Valentines Day sweetener, it is also drug, a pick me up and a ‘functional food’. Functional foods were a buzz word about a decade ago but now seem to have been absorbed into the health food vernacular. By example, a functional food would be yogurt containing a culture … Continue reading

The Salt Of The Earth

This Christmas I received several food hampers.  The fact that I’m wasting away to a block of flats and will be eligible for my own post code seemed to elude my gift-giving friends.  The common denominator in each hamper was designer salt. Granted, you could hardly give someone a pack of common, garden-variety salt as … Continue reading

Laminaria Digitata

I must confess when I was a slip of a lad I was pretty good at pressing seaweed. The girls pressed flowers – I did seaweed. Possibly it was an early indication of my predilection to be bit of a wax-head in later years.  But I did do some damned fine work – especially with … Continue reading

Cross Your Legs Here Come Those Christmas Aphrodisiacs

The Aussie Christmas seafood extravaganza probably has a lot to do with the spawning of Virgo and Libran children. Nine months prior to these September births a festive feed of oysters, prawns, fish, beer, wine, salad and more may well have been the clandestine erotic catalysts to parenthood. Oysters – well we all know about … Continue reading