Always Follow The Plumbing Line

‘Où sont les toilettes?’ Not an earth-shattering statement in the scheme of things. But pretty damned useful and important when you’re on the prowl for the amenities after a post-sale lunch in the 7th floor Terrace Restaurant of Paris’s Galeries Lafayette. The back end of this level of the department store is a maze of corridors … Continue reading

A Taste For The Future

In the quest to have the next new fad, packaged goods manufacturers are forever in search of the silver bullet – the must have – the every-home-should-have-one product. Market research firm Datamonitor has produced its crystal ball findings of likely types that will win favour in shopping trolleys this new decade. And it seems free … Continue reading

Christmas wine and food matching

The traditional hot Christmas has been eroded somewhat over the years in favour of the seafood extravaganza. It is doubtful that the fish symbol representing Jesus and Christianity has much to do with it. It’s more to do with a hot climate and perhaps a desire to be close to the water, if only vicariously … Continue reading

Culinary capers

Why we grow water thirsty crops like rice and cotton in this wide brown land – the second driest continent in the world – is beyond me. With rivers that have been reduced to veritable trickles and water tables that have been severely compromised, pursuing soggy agricultural opportunities is unthinking bravado. Even growing edible bamboo … Continue reading

The science of wine and food matching

Once upon a time it was one of the simple, accepted dining mores that red wine should be matched with red meat and white wine with fish. Even those whose lips move when they read the menu could grasp that concept. MAD Magazine even produced its version of the Heimlich Manoeuvre as posters for restaurants … Continue reading

Eat steak and forget the SPF factor

I have never quite understood the cartoon-like process of putting a raw steak on a black eye as a healing remedy. Conceivably it is the cold temperature of the meat that equates to a bovine cold compress to take down the swelling. But I’m sure if it really worked, the beef folk would have considered … Continue reading

Modify your eating!

Vocal minority food zealots can be so tedious. They are invariably self-righteous, ill-informed “believers” who have some flaw in their existence that gets them liverish about something and they will bang on ad infinitum in their blinkered and myopic crusade. The vegan/vego brigade were out in force this week during National Diabetes Week putting the … Continue reading

Asparagus stink

In the 1994 movie Wolf, Jack Nicholson deliberately irrigates the suede shoes of his poisonous colleague played by James Spader at a shared urinal. He responds to Spader’s objection with: “Just marking my territory” and emphatically adds: “Asparagus!” Most of the audience chuckled… others didn’t get it. Lucky them! You gotta love asparagus for polarising … Continue reading


I first heard the word ‘heavy water’ in a black and white TV episode of Twelve O’Clock High. The British-based America B-17 bombers were targeting a heavy water manufacturing plant in Nazi Germany where experiments with nuclear reactors were being undertaken. The term heavy water recently popped up again but this time in relation to … Continue reading

What’s In The Trolley Four Years Hence?

An IBISWorld snapshot of what we can expect to see in the average shopping trolley at supermarkets in 2013 was a bit of an eye opener. But it also appeared to be a little optimistic in its time-frame and conclusions. At the top of the list was ‘ready meals’.  Now this can vary according to … Continue reading