(Drone) Pie In The Sky

Whether it is pizzas from heaven or burrito bombers there is a very clear and present likelihood of takeaway food deliveries taking to suburban air space by drones before you can say: ‘Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun’.

Always Follow The Plumbing Line

‘Où sont les toilettes?’ Not an earth-shattering statement in the scheme of things. But pretty damned useful and important when you’re on the prowl for the amenities after a post-sale lunch in the 7th floor Terrace Restaurant of Paris’s Galeries Lafayette. The back end of this level of the department store is a maze of corridors … Continue reading

Cellar Beware

Disappearing into my cellar is a subterranean kind of bloke’s shed thing.  It is cosy and womb-like in an igloo sort  of way and not dissimilar, I’d imagine, to some Inuit holiday homes. Sandstone and concrete aided by air conditioning keeps it suitably chilly for its glass- imprisoned occupants. I used to be like a … Continue reading

Food Trends …Retro Style

There are some interesting similarities between food and fashion. Fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris (and we have just come out of the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week) define the trend that will dominate next season’s wardrobe. Food industry organisations and critics try to do the same with next season’s table. The National … Continue reading

Awards give an inside taste of Aussie food world

Celebrating the passion and talent that shape public conception of food and wine, the Australian Association of Food Professionals (AAFP) announced the winners of the biennial Australian Food Media Awards on the evening of 28 October at Sydney’s Doltone House. They are the only awards to carry a significant cash prize and since their inauguration in 1995, … Continue reading

Australia’s very best hams

History tells us that across the length and breadth of the Roman Empire the best hams came from Gaul.   In the centuries that followed that same piece of European real estate grew its culinary skills, repertoire and reputation to become what we now acknowledge as French cuisine. Not surprisingly, in France’s everyday meals, ham or … Continue reading

Dietary Kill Joys

Ordinarily I’m pretty OK with the National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA). Sure the dietary, whining, do-gooders got in a knot when the NHFA gave McDonalds a tick for SOME of its menu items. But that spleen should have been vented at the subsequent abuse by the Golden Arches when it slapped the Heat Foundation … Continue reading