Dietary Kill Joys

Ordinarily I’m pretty OK with the National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA). Sure the dietary, whining, do-gooders got in a knot when the NHFA gave McDonalds a tick for SOME of its menu items. But that spleen should have been vented at the subsequent abuse by the Golden Arches when it slapped the Heat Foundation … Continue reading

Rules for eating and the business of food

“Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food” pretty well sums up the thinking of Michael Pollan’s 64 simple food rules in his latest book, ‘Food Rules’, an eaters manual. The first rule is to simply ‘eat food’ – that’s food, rather than ‘edible food like substances’ or ‘industrial novelties’, as Pollan calls the … Continue reading

Burn the Hula Hoops you might get Hooping Cough!

Burning a Hula Hoop because there’s an outbreak of hooping cough is as illogical as some of the hysteria that has ensued in the past week over the Mexican-unleashed A/H1N1 flu virus.  If you haven’t caught up, that was erroneously called Swine Flu last week, or if you caught the gleeful front page of Sydney’s … Continue reading

Looming Shadow Of Frankenstein Food

Should genetically modified (GM) soy beans be coming to a grocery shelf near you? That is the question Food Standards Australia is posing to “individuals and organisations with an interest in the regulation of food …” Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont business based in Iowa, has been fingered as the one pushing for an amendment … Continue reading

Putting Crap In Your Mouth

If you do a Google search on Coogee and icecream you’ll get a Google map of “Local business results for icecream near Coogee NSW” and a menufeast web listing for “Ice Cream Restaurants in Coogee Sydney – Eastern Suburbs.”