Australia’s very best hams

History tells us that across the length and breadth of the Roman Empire the best hams came from Gaul.   In the centuries that followed that same piece of European real estate grew its culinary skills, repertoire and reputation to become what we now acknowledge as French cuisine. Not surprisingly, in France’s everyday meals, ham or … Continue reading

Repelling the porcine invasion

George Orwell’s Animal Farm inmates mantra: “four legs good two legs bad” has poignant relevance this week. It’s Bacon Week. And it’s all because Aussie pork producers are finding it tough getting their leg in, so to speak, in the domestic ham and bacon stakes. Some 70 per cent of bacon sold in this country … Continue reading

Mad cow panic

Mad Cow (BSE, CJD) has been responsible for the deaths of 166 people in Britain and 44 elsewhere – and the bright sparks in Canberra have declared it’s okay to import beef products from countries that have reported CJD. For the record that is most countries in Europe and North America. Some years ago I … Continue reading

Saving Australia’s bacon

Mentioning Matt Preston and Homer Simpson in the same breath may seem like a bizarre non-sequitur. But having heard Matt pontificate from the semi recumbent couch position on TV’s Good News Week, there’s a delicious porcine thread of brotherhood there. But while Mr Cravat-A-Licious insists that the most essential item in a fridge should be … Continue reading

John Boston brews again

The gentrification of the Australian brewing landscape was given a kick-along this week with the launch of John Boston Premium Lager. This 100 per cent Australian newcomer – and that’s a change from the majority of foreign owned, once-Aussie breweries – elevates beer to the same level of sophistication as wine. And not surprisingly, as … Continue reading

A Sure Kraft Redemption?

The recent debacle of naming the new Vegemite abomination came back to firmly bite Kraft on its Vegemite factory. iSnack 2.0…give me a break! The twitterverse and blogosphere went ballistic. Even on the face of it, the dozy idea of Vegemite being mixed with cream cheese flies in the face of the half-life of 10,000 … Continue reading

Short cut for Aussie wines

With an ever expanding range of grape varieties being grown in this wide brown land, the Australian drinking vernacular is poised for a rethink. Australians abbreviate everything from the common ‘G’day’ salutation to the expletive, ‘Ken Oath’. Then there’s the perennial formula of substituting an ‘R’ with a ‘Z’, chop the word off and add … Continue reading

Why don’t we trust Aussie brands?

Cadbury was named the most trusted brand in Australia, while Arnotts was gonged the most iconic Australian brand in a recent Readers Digest list…. and almost at the same time, Vegemite, that evil, black, Aussie staple, has been messed with. There’s a trivia parlour game here. What’s wrong with this picture? Or spot the Aussie. … Continue reading

Australian Rules of Origin?

Australian labeling laws are a minefield.   You’d think three simple words: “Made in Australia” would be self explanatory.  But they aren’t.  According to the Trade Practices Amendment (Country of Origin Representations) Act 1998 “Made in Australia” means a product is substantially transformed in Australia and at least 50 percent of the cost of production has … Continue reading

B-a-n-a-n-a-…Let Those Imports Grow

The Federal Government has paved the way to allow banana imports from the Philippines which has sent the Queensland banana benders into a frenzy and seen the IGA grocery group announce that it will ban them in its stores. One of the biggest fears from the local industry is the potential to bring in the … Continue reading