Increasingly restaurant wine lists are showing more inclusions of natural wines with their minimal and non-intervention philosophy. Within these include organic and biodynamic wines and the subsets of low sulphur wines and the rise and rise of orange/amber wines – including amphora and wine egg fermented wines. Low sulphur and no preservative added wines are as … Continue reading

Fat Land Wine

When you’ve twice won the Jimmy Watson Trophy, the most prestigious and sought after wine award in Australia as well as a fistful of coveted international awards, striving for the ultimate…the best vintage results … is a very real goal for Katnook Estate’s winemaker Wayne Stehbens. Katnook celebrates 30 years of its Cabernet Sauvignon this … Continue reading

Cellar Beware

Disappearing into my cellar is a subterranean kind of bloke’s shed thing.  It is cosy and womb-like in an igloo sort  of way and not dissimilar, I’d imagine, to some Inuit holiday homes. Sandstone and concrete aided by air conditioning keeps it suitably chilly for its glass- imprisoned occupants. I used to be like a … Continue reading

Dietary Kill Joys

Ordinarily I’m pretty OK with the National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA). Sure the dietary, whining, do-gooders got in a knot when the NHFA gave McDonalds a tick for SOME of its menu items. But that spleen should have been vented at the subsequent abuse by the Golden Arches when it slapped the Heat Foundation … Continue reading

Pour and prattle festival

Food and wine festivals are becoming as common as hot breakfasts. While each tries to differentiate itself you can always tick the same list of (not) unique selling propositions that will be trotted out: master classes, celebrity chefs, chef Q&A, restaurant signature dish promotions, glass and a dish special, wine sensory sessions… they are all … Continue reading

Bourne again wine accolade

Seeing a continual mountain of empty wine bottles neatly stacked outside a gentleman’s pad does not always signify the digs of a dipsomaniac. These mounds were the constant adornment of the grass median strip outside the house of Peter Bourne – aka ‘The Wine Man’ – when he lived opposite my mother’s home a decade … Continue reading

Christmas wine and food matching

The traditional hot Christmas has been eroded somewhat over the years in favour of the seafood extravaganza. It is doubtful that the fish symbol representing Jesus and Christianity has much to do with it. It’s more to do with a hot climate and perhaps a desire to be close to the water, if only vicariously … Continue reading

Musical bottles

Products named after celebrities aren’t unusual. There’s generally a logical relationship between the celeb, their claim to fame and the product. And as a rule, particularly if they are fast moving consumer goods, those brands are short lived. Who could forget… or maybe remember Mullos breakfast cereal named after legendary radio genius Doug Mulray or … Continue reading

John Boston brews again

The gentrification of the Australian brewing landscape was given a kick-along this week with the launch of John Boston Premium Lager. This 100 per cent Australian newcomer – and that’s a change from the majority of foreign owned, once-Aussie breweries – elevates beer to the same level of sophistication as wine. And not surprisingly, as … Continue reading

The science of wine and food matching

Once upon a time it was one of the simple, accepted dining mores that red wine should be matched with red meat and white wine with fish. Even those whose lips move when they read the menu could grasp that concept. MAD Magazine even produced its version of the Heimlich Manoeuvre as posters for restaurants … Continue reading